Increase Your Vitamin D

Do you have low vitamin D? Live in a place that rarely sees the sun? You may need additional vitamin D! Vitamin D is essential for calcium absoprtion and can play a big part in your immune function. Too little vitamin D can lead to ricketts, weak or brittle bones,

Easy Ways to Reduce Sugar

Trying to cut down on your sugar consumption? Sugar is HIGHLY addictive, so kicking your sugar habit may not be easy! I have a major sweet tooth! I like to say I inherited this from my dad 😉 In lab studies, rats have shown a preference to sugar over cocaine!

Time to Kick Caffeine?

Time to cut down on the caffeine? Hi, my name is Lauren and I’m a coffee addict! Seriously, I LOVE coffee. So much, that I will even drink decaf! The flavor, aroma, topped off with a nice boost of energy… What’s not to love? Over the past few years I

5 Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp You Never Knew

5 Benefits of Having a Himalayan Salt Lamp Not only are Himalayan Salt Lamps beautiful, create a wonderful ambiance, but they have benefits for health and well-being! Read more: How To Choose The Best Salt Lamp For Your Home Purify & Cleanse the Air – Known to reduce Allergies The

Plant Medicine Resources

Spirit Molecule – usually on Netflix and also a book vice “they psychedelic healing power of ayahuasca – the reality of truth (documentary) – aubrey marcus discussing ayahuasca link to rythmia (the center that I stayed at) link to Gerry’s book – owner of Rythmia