Tips For Reducing Inflammation!


I’ll share what I personally did plus some other tips! For reducing MY inflammation it was vital that I decrease stress. This is helpful for everyone when it comes to reducing inflammation, however there are times when things that may be helpful to some are harmful to others.

1. Eliminating inflammation causing foods and/or using an AID (anti-inflammatory diet). I had very specific food sensitivities and so this was imperative for my health and gut healing. I recommend MRT, Cyrex or ALCAT for food sensitivity testing and nothing else. Pinnertest is not accurate and has the potential to produce false positives.

2. Getting gut health in check – To keep inflammation down you’ll need to get your gut in check. Working with a naturopath or functional medicine specialist may be necessary. Removing inflammatory foods, using probiotics and high probiotic foods (kefir, kombucha, and other fermented foods) glutamine, CBD, bone broth and celery juice can all be helpful in healing the gut. Eating a diet high in fiber will help stabilize blood sugar and feed the good bacteria. The thing you will need the most of is patience!!

3. Reducing Stress – this one was HUGE for me. I noticed inflammation and fatigue getting worse with not enough sleep, too much exercise, or really anything that could be stimulating/exciting. I prioritized sleep and practiced mindfulness through yoga and meditation. I decreased my workload, stopped exercising and really focused on changing my mindset to how I perceived stress. We live in a very “go,go,go” society and many of us don’t want to step back! It’s imperative to your healing.

4. Exercise – This is another big one. Many people don’t want to let go of the exercise routine! Being an athlete and someone who is used to exercising 6 days a week, this was the hardest one for me to let go of too! The exercise was TOO stressful. Movement felt painful, I noticed inflammation increasing and recovery was very SLOW. My body just needed time to repair all of the other things going on in my body and didn’t have the capacity to handle exercise. I did nothing but yoga and walking for FOUR MONTHS! It’s important to keep moving as blood flow and lymph system stimulation can help your body eliminate waste and toxins, but make sure you’re doing an appropriate level of exercise based on how you feel and what your practitioner recommends.

5. Personal Notes – The biggest changes happened for me when I stopped tracking food (too much stress), prioritized sleep (8 hours min. per night), stopped exercising (get in rest and digest state), used CBD (I used 30-90 MG daily) and used photobiomodulation therapy a.k.a Novothor.

It took a long time for me to take this approach and I fought a lot of it early on. I really wish I had taken a step back and surrendered to the process, because things got a lot easier when I did. Going back to the basics of low stress, rest and gut health will help immensely! This is a very long process. Each person has a unique experience with inflammation, so speak with your practitioner about your own course of treatment!

A lifelong athlete, Lauren quickly fell in love and found success in the Bikini Division of bodybuilding. She quickly rose to elite status and competed for two years as an IFBB Pro, competing both years at the prestigious Olympia. Lauren’s passion for health and fitness was a driving force behind coaching, however, she recognized a need for change within the industry to promote true and sustainable health for both competitors and lifestyle clients. Lauren believes health is a term comprised of many facets.
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