Increase Your Vitamin D

Do you have low vitamin D? Live in a place that rarely sees the sun? You may need additional vitamin D!

Vitamin D is essential for calcium absoprtion and can play a big part in your immune function. Too little vitamin D can lead to ricketts, weak or brittle bones, weakened immune system and parathyroid disorder.

After testing as deficient for vitamin D in 2017, I decided to make an effort to increase my levels! Here are some ways to increase your vitamin D.

-The sun! This might be relatively easy… if you live in a sunny climate! I live in Portland, OR and sometimes it feels like a version of 50 Shades of Gray with our lack of sunlight. However, anytime it’s sunny I make an effort to go outside and get a bit of Vitamin D from that big, glowing, elusive ball in the sky! It doesn’t take much, anywhere from 5-30 minutes daily can help people reach adequate amounts.

– Foods! Egg yolks, salmon, shrimp, oysters and fortified foods are all sources to get some Vitamin D through foods.

– If you live in a darker climate, don’t care for any of the above foods, or just want to cover ALL the bases, you can use a vitamin D supplement. 2-4,000 IUs is recommended for those wishing to supplement Vitamin D. I don’t like to rely solely on supplements, as I believe the should be exactly as described… supplementary.

You will know if you’re deficient via a blood test, so if you have concerns, speak to your doctor. As always, you can have too much of a good thing, so don’t assume that more is always better!


A lifelong athlete, Lauren quickly fell in love and found success in the Bikini Division of bodybuilding. She quickly rose to elite status and competed for two years as an IFBB Pro, competing both years at the prestigious Olympia. Lauren’s passion for health and fitness was a driving force behind coaching, however, she recognized a need for change within the industry to promote true and sustainable health for both competitors and lifestyle clients. Lauren believes health is a term comprised of many facets.
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