5 Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp You Never Knew

5 Benefits of Having a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Not only are Himalayan Salt Lamps beautiful, create a wonderful ambiance, but they have benefits for health and well-being!

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Purify & Cleanse the Air – Known to reduce Allergies

The Himalayan salt lamps have a Hygroscopic effect. Hygroscopic means that the salt attracts water to its surface and the heat of the light bulb quickly evaporates the water. Mold, bacteria, and other allergens exist in water molecules floating in the air. These water molecules are attracted to the salt, which leaves the bad foreign particles locked into the salt, while the clean water is evaporated back into the air.



Salt lamps generate negative ions

Negative Ions? Why would anyone put something negative in their home? Negatively charged ions have many benefits. An abundance of negative ions is shown to boost oxygen and blood supply to the body and mind. Higher levels of negative ions in the air are studied to also boost serotonin levels, a chemical that regulates mood. Negative ions are emitted the most in nature- by sunlight, waterfalls, and ocean waves. Positive ions are emitted from electronics, including cell phones, TVs, and microwaves. The negative ions bond to positive ions, neutralizing the environmental effects from our electronics.


Improved Sleep

The lamp produces a warm, orange glow that soothes us before sleep. Typically, we want to avoid blue lights before bed because of the effects it has on our sleep hormones. Unfortunately, our televisions, cell phones, and computers all emit this blue light. Having the warm, orange glow in our homes can help us to relax and prepare ourselves for a sound sleep. Who doesn’t love the relaxing ambiance of a Himalayan salt lamp?


Boost Mood, Energy & Concentration

A combination of the soft orange hues and the negative ions are also known to improve mood and concentration. With improved sleep, our mood, energy, and concentration will certainly benefit. Not to mention, the more oxygen and blood our body receives, the better we feel.



Himalayan pink salt lamps are eco-friendly. Himalayan pink salt is said to last another 350 years at the current extraction rate. In addition to the eco-friendly pink salt, many of these lamps have a base made from a sustainable wood, such as neem. If we choose a low-wattage bulb to light our lamp, we can make our lamp even more eco-friendly.

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