Plant Medicine Resources

Spirit Molecule – usually on Netflix and also a book

vice “they psychedelic healing power of ayahuasca –

the reality of truth (documentary) –

aubrey marcus discussing ayahuasca

link to rythmia (the center that I stayed at)

link to Gerry’s book – owner of Rythmia

Gerry’s story is amazing <3

favorite meditation apps:

Insight Timer (guided meditation and timer for private)

Down Dog App

link to salt lamp

link to oils

link to breathwork


Joe Dispenza

Michael Beckwith (Agape Church)

Paola Castro Book

My favorite journal

A lifelong athlete, Lauren quickly fell in love and found success in the Bikini Division of bodybuilding. She quickly rose to elite status and competed for two years as an IFBB Pro, competing both years at the prestigious Olympia. Lauren’s passion for health and fitness was a driving force behind coaching, however, she recognized a need for change within the industry to promote true and sustainable health for both competitors and lifestyle clients. Lauren believes health is a term comprised of many facets.
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